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Will Electric Cars Change Our Future?

The motor industry is rapidly changing, and the process is much faster than anything else we’ve seen in the last two decades. Manufacturers are now incorporating green technology and improved fuel economy to cars to meet customer demands. Also, consumers want that can provide better technological experience.

I’ve discovered that people prefer to buy electric vehicles instead of hybrids. I don’t expect this to change in future with the improvement of charging mechanisms and battery performance. So, here are just some of the reasons on why I think electric cars are the vehicles of the future.

No Gearbox Needed

You can drive your electric car automatically as there’s no complicated gearbox or transmission. Here, power is applied quietly and smoothly. It also comes with a secure acceleration system. So, if you love speed, then these fantastic ‘beasts’ will knock your socks off! It’s like pressing an elevator button and slowly gliding up.

You’ll Never Have to Go to Any Petrol Station

One of the significant advantages of electric cars is you won’t have to keep refilling your petrol tank. In my petrol-powered model, I had to keep watching the fuel gauge. Sadly, it kept running out in an unexpected situation, making me run late for work or other important events. However, with an electric car, it’s just like charging a cell phone. You’ll always have a full tank!

Electric Cars Are Simple

One of the main reasons why I expect these vehicles to keep on growing is their level of simplicity and control. You’ll find that there’s nothing that can crack, break or blow out. There’s no oil for you to change, no clutch, no filter, and no crazy mechanical designs!

Electric Cars Are Fun and Speedy ‘Beasts’

Electric vehicles come with several advantages that may not always be obvious. First, they are incredibly fun. They can produce a maximum torque at just zero RPMs. Such means that they can ‘come to life’ with only a touch of the accelerator. While driving, I usually pray for the traffic lights to turn red. This gives the chance of pulling a full acceleration once it turns green!

While growing up, I used to love racing the on the rough roads. Now with an electric car, it’s fun to blow away those petrol-powered vehicles while accelerating. Besides, they also help us to solve massive energy problems in the country.

Their Impact on Government Coffers

Studies show that revenues from petrol taxes could also reduce significantly. Such is because there’ll be a shift from individual petrol ownership to shared electric fleets of vehicles. So, governments who rely on such a revenue stream will have to shift to road pricing. A good example includes congestion charging.

My research even shows that in some cases of shared independent mobility, the vehicle fleet size could also shrink to about 80%. Hence, governments would get less income from car registration fees, sales taxes, maintenance and parking.

Although electric cars come with loads of advantages, a good number of people feel that they are too expensive. I also think that the cost and range limitations will discourage some from buying these cars. Others even argue that electric vehicles will not change the world at all with oil demand projected to keep on rising in developing societies. However, in any case, we should all expect to see these cars changing the way we live and do business.

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