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Old School Cool: Tom Dick And Harry Driving Gloves

Cars used to be dirty, loud and dangerous. That’s why, amongst other things, drivers used to wear . The gloves would protect the wearer’s hands, whilst also improving car control by providing more grip on the steering wheel and gear stick. Plus, they look fantastic.

Nowadays, cars are easy. Steering wheels feel light, usually being wrapped in some soft material, and gear shifts no longer require the strength of your entire arm to complete. Modern cars no longer require the need for gloves, so can you still wear them?

Turns out, you can. We’ve had the privilege of testing out some new driving gloves from , and they are awesome.

Our Favourites:

We had two pairs. The first being a , and the second, a . Both are made of high quality, unlined hairsheep nappa, with a brilliant classic styling. Both pairs retail at £45, and are absolutely worth the price. As I shall now explain…

I first tried on the , and as soon as I put them on I realised why driving gloves are still such a popular trend for driving. They have a smooth, classy, premium feel and a great look to them. And that was before I even set foot in the car!

The Driving Experience:

I will admit, driving a modern car in these gloves doesn’t differ that greatly to doing it with naked palms. However, from your own perspective, seeing these gloves on the wheel in front of you as you drive along is a great feeling. You could be driving the most ordinary car in the world, but wearing the gloves gives you a sense that you’re behind the wheel of a £45 million Ferrari 250 GTO.

Onto the – these seemed to be a better fit for me compared to the full gloves (I must have short fingers), and even while having about 30% less glove than the previous pair, they also felt great to don. It’s interesting how the simple act of snipping the fingers off a pair of gloves transports you into an entirely different generation.

How They Make You Feel:

With the first pair, I got a sense of cruising high up in the European Alps (in a suit, of course) in the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini Miura, or maybe even an original AC Cobra.

But in the fingerless gloves, you’re thrown back a decade to the 50s, to a hazy evening at the wheel of a freshly painted ’32 Ford Coupe, moonshining in the American backcountry.

The Verdict:

Both pairs have an entirely different style and feel to them, and with each pair it’s a completely different driving experience. They make you want to just ‘go for a drive’ or even just take the long way home next time.

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