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Pure McLaren Hosted at Silverstone in the Wet!

The Pure McLaren event was hosted at Silverstone this week, enabling McLaren owners to run their cars around the Silverstone circuit, exclusively. The line up of cars looks immense, and I wish I could have been there to watch them take on the circuit.

Pure McLaren Zan_Photography (3)

Pure McLaren – Bad Weather

The drivers on the day were getting professional guidance by instructors whilst on the circuit, which judging on the weather conditions on track, I think any advice on handling would be highly appreciated. You will be happy to here that none of these car were damaged whilst taking on the soaked circuit.

Pure McLaren Zan_Photography (4)


Zan_Photography was there on the day to share a small selection of amazing pictures with us. On the photos you will be able to spot four McLaren P1 hypercars, and a number of 12C and 650S supercars.

Pure McLaren Zan_Photography (1) Pure McLaren Zan_Photography (6)



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