Opel will use the 65th International Motor Show in Frankfurt, in September to debut the Opel Monza Concept, declaring it the role-model for the next generation of Opel cars. For the Monza Concept to be displayed, engineers conceived an electric drive with a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) range extender – a further development of the system seen in the Opel Ampera.

The new-generation three-cylinder 1.0 SIDI turbo – takes over the task as range extender. But it does so with natural gas instead of petrol, further improving the car’s CO2 footprint. With its visionary approach, Opel continues to combine the potential of electric propulsion with the  benefits of the internal combustion engine.

We have a clear vision of how Opel cars will be in the future, and we have a clear strategy of how we will achieve this goal. The Monza Concept gives this strategy an unmistakable identity.

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Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann

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