I spent one week testing the Volvo V90 D4 Momentum. The week I was testing it, it was cold, snowy and icy. However, this wasn’t too dissimilar to Swedish weather. So how did I get on?

Frozen Volvo V90 D4 Momentum

It’s very rare that the UK gets the ‘big freeze’ or a couple of inches of snow. But when testing the Volvo V90, we had a sudden cold burst. But the good news is, this vehicle was more prepared than most. The V90 even in Momentum trim has heated front seats, heated steering wheel electrically heated front and rear windscreens. This was the car just five minutes after coming out from underneath four inches of snow.

Although it was very cold on the outside, on the inside it was perfectly warm with the heated seat and steering wheel both set on the highest settings.

Can You Still Drive in the Snow?

The Volvo v90 is a big, heavy, front wheel drive car. So, in theory, it doesn’t sound like a good contender. However, it did surprisingly well. I managed to drive safely around everywhere I needed and I’m sure if you stuck on a proper snow tyre, it would be unstoppable.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a cross-country version of the V90 available with 4 wheel drive. So if you are often faced with snow, this would be the preferred option.

Volvo V90 – Interior Like No Other

You may have heard good things about the Volvo V90 interior… They weren’t wrong. It is a very pleasant place to be. This vehicle looks like a designer’s dream from start to finish. There is a lot to savour. Firstly take a look at that steering wheel: It is a perfect circle, bound in leather and beautifully soft to the touch. Over to the left, you will notice the large Sensus Connect screen that is filled with the latest technology including a 360 Camera system, maps and Apple CarPlay. It has it all.

The car is very spacious with a lot of room between the passenger and driver. It features plenty of headroom and legroom. In fact, I could probably live in this car it feels that big.

Starting With a Difference

Do you remember when you used to start a car using a key? Those days are numbered. The V90 has a keyless go system meaning that as long as the key is in your pocket, you are able to start the car. It includes a smartly designed start knob which feels just right.

Some Cars Are Just Special

Some cars are practical, serve a purpose and function well. But the Volvo V90 has something else going on. Everything about it feels like it has been specially engineered to make it look or function better. All these minor improvements make it seem elegant yet ready for anything.

Living With The Volvo V90 D4 Momentum was last modified: September 16th, 2018 by Paul Hadley