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Just Got Your License? These Cars Are Ideal For Beginners

When you first pick up your driver’s license, you don’t need the most powerful car on the market. Instead, you should be looking at cars that are efficient and fairly priced. Don’t think you’ll feel cheap – these cars look and feel more expensive than their price tag. These cars are perfect for drivers who have just passed their test, offering a comfortable drive at a good price.

Ford Fiesta

Ford’s famous Fiesta model has been one of the best-selling cars for years. It seems to have , too. It’s an overwhelmingly common model for beginner drivers, due to the small price tag and what you get for it.

Due to its popularity, many different versions are available. The 2016 Fiesta S is a good choice, its small size and gear-shifting features make it feel great for handling on the road. The 1.6L 16-valve Ti-VCT I-4 engine and 120 hp do the job just fine. Added features such as speakers and a touchscreen make it great for the price.

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is another car you’ve probably seen plenty of times on the road. The Polo is available in many different forms, with 11 different engines to choose from. The most powerful engine is the GTI 1.8 TSI 192 PS 6spd Man 3-door, which can go from 0-62 in under 7 seconds.

The Polo SEL can manage 83.1 mpg if you want something more efficient. The Polo is a little more expensive than rivals. However, you’ll be paying for a brand known for its high-quality builds. You’ll also have no problem finding good quality given the popularity of the model.

Polo SEL

Toyota Aygo

The 2016 Aygo is one of the most stylish city cars yet. It’s small, and perhaps even a little cramped at times, but for the beginner driver, it’s a cosy fit. The 2016 model has a fuel economy of 68.9 mpg and combined CO2 emissions of 95 g/km, which is decent for a low-priced model.

If you want a good-looking car which won’t be a hassle to drive, the Aygo is ideal. It sets itself apart on the road with its fashionable exterior, and the interior is just as good.


Volkswagen Up

The Volkswagen Up model feels like it was designed with new, young drivers in mind. Even new models can be had for surprisingly cheap, and boast a bunch of great features. Instead of a touch-screen panel like many modern cars, it has a smartphone app so you can get all the same features like maps and music.

It also has built-in and offers a lot of space. You can also hit 0-62 in under 10 seconds and reach 68.9 mpg. Definitely an ideal choice for beginner drivers.

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Vauxhall Corsa

The newest Corsa models look fantastic inside and outside. Its safety features such as traffic sign assist and lane departure warning can be helpful for beginners. There’s a range of engines available, ranging from 70-110 hp. It’s been one of the most popular city cars for years, so whether you’re looking for a 3-door or 5-door model, you’ll be able to get one at a great price.

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