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How to Get Your International Drivers License For Hungary

Are you trying to get your international license? Scroll down to find out how!

So you want to travel to another country and drive there. If that’s what you’re planning to do, it’s best that you have your international driver’s license application completed before doing so.

After residing in Hungary for a year, US citizens have to receive a Hungarian drivers license.  Information and application forms are available in your local Document Registrar Office. In most cases, (i.e., where your medical eligibility is unable to be established from your former driver’s license).

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When your Hungarian driver’s ID is issued, your American license can be held by the police during the time you have your Hungarian ID. For more information, you can speak to your Document’s Registrar’s Office.

Here, we’ll help you complete your so that you can drive in Hungary or your destined location.

So let’s begin!

What is the International Driving License?

The International Driving License is available in over 150 countries. It shows your name and photo and translates your information in the 10 languages, and is valid for a year. You can complete your international driver’s license application.

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If you want to apply through the mail, bring two copies of your passport photos, $20 permit fee (money order or check only) and a photocopy of your driver’s license.

Things to Avoid

You have to look out for scam sites that pretend to sell international drivers license. They tend to sell the international drivers license application at a higher price than usual. Don’t fall into this trap.

To avoid this, you need to get your IDP from a registered provider. Only submit your application to the AAA or the AATA to legally receive your license. And, you should pay no more than $20 for the license.

Tips on Obtaining Your Driver’s Permit

AAA offices can process your IDPs when you visit them, but if you’re sending it through the mail, it can take up to 10-15 business days to receive it. There are expedited services available, but you’ll have to pay an extra fee.

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Always carry your US driver’s license when you’re driving internationally because your permit will be invalid without your government driver’s license to drive. The international drivers license acts as a translator, not as a substitute for your native country’s ID.

Make sure that you have the proper fees (Fees for your as well as any shipping and handling fees), license photocopies, and photos before sending the application to the AATA or AAA. Omitting any of these requirements will lead to your application becoming rejected.

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Also, you need to check out the laws and driving requirements for countries that you’re driving to on your vacation. This will help you know what’s required if you’re pulled over by local law enforcement.


After you’ve completed your application, you’ll finally receive your IDP either through the mail or by the AAA or AATA office. Keep it on you at all times when you’re traveling aboard to ensure that you can remain driving. Ultimately, with this license, you will find it easier to rent cars and communicate with the traffic enforcement.

Drive safely!

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