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6 Things We Love About Hamswan Ski Goggles

Back in the 80’s and 90’s – people on ski slopes all around the world looked very different. Snowboarding had barely started to appear, and skiing was still the dominant sport. It was all about the bright colours, huge collars, and truly, truly amazing jumpsuits. More importantly, everybody wore glasses.

Hamswan Ski Goggles: True To The Culture

Nowadays, snowboarding and the culture that surrounds it has injected it’s own style into the world of snowsports, and goggles are at the spearhead – everybody wears them now. And why wouldn’t you? When they look as good as these , you’d be mad to wear glasses… Here are 6 things we love about them.

The Design Is Brilliant

There’s no doubting that these goggles are a great-looking piece of eyewear. The frameless design is a real standout feature, and coupled with the mirrored lens – it makes for a very bold pair of goggles. Simply put, they are cool.

You’ll find yourself becoming a human mirror, for people to check if they’ve rubbed in their suncream properly – after which they’ll usually compliment you on your awesome goggles.

hamswan gopro

They’re Comfortable

One thing you want from a pair of goggles is comfort. After all – you’ll be wearing them for a week straight if you’re on holiday. So it’s good that these Hamswan goggles are. Thanks to thick layers of soft foam surrounding the goggles, they mould to your face well and don’t itch at all. This foam also does a damn good job of keeping the wind out, and keeping your face warm.


The Protection & Usability

These many not be a well-known brand, but Hamswan goggles will still protect you just as much as a more expensive pair. The lens is made of strong, double-layered anti-fog plastic which is UV400 rated to shield your eyes from the sun and any potential impacts.

I was wearing the goggles for a week in Switzerland, in a variety of conditions – and not once did they fog up. The goggles feature a two-way ventilation system between the outer lens and foam to filter out moisture. If you can see, you can ski.

hamswan ski goggles

The Strap Is Easy

A simple part of the goggles, but very important. The strap is comfortable if worn without a helmet, yet it can be loosened easily to fit around one if need be. It’s no hassle to use.


The Colour Is Phenomenal

Currently, this mix of green/blue/yellow/purple is the only colour you can buy Hamswan ski goggles in, but that’s no bad thing, because what a colour combo it is! I’ve never seen goggles like this before, so yet another feature that will make you stand out from the rest.

hamswan ski goggles

The Hard Case

Unless you’re spending upwards of £70 on a pair of goggles, don’t expect a case to come with them. Hamswan though – along with your goggles, you get a useful hard case to store them in which is excellent for protecting them when packed away in your bag. You’ll also get a soft bag to store them in too, which doubles up as a lens cloth. Handy.


Overall, I’m very pleased with Hamswan ski goggles. They were a comfortable, useful and cool addition to my snow gear. The hard case that comes with them adds to the appeal – and at only , they’re an absolute bargain. A must have for any amateur snow adventurer!


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