There are plenty of positive reasons to choose a taxi service if you’re looking to head somewhere. Whether it’s to get to the shops, get home from an evening out, or simply to pick somebody up who needs a lift, it takes the hassle away from having to do this yourself.

Sometimes though, getting a taxi can be a struggle – particularly during peak or busy periods. More to the point, there are other external factors such as the accessibility of the town or city and how many passengers you need to fit in. In some situations, you might even find it’s worth driving yourself to and from your respective destinations – however, this would inhibit the potential fun you could have, as well as cause you the headache of finding parking.

All this does beg the question of whether or not driving or taxiing is in fact the better option. However, help is at hand to solve this conundrum in the form of this infographic (see below) from . This piece has detailed what some of the best and worst places are in the UK for getting a taxi, which could well prove to helpful for your future travel plans.

Key Points

To give you a flavour of what interesting facts are on offer, here is a small selection of the key findings:

  • London unsurprisingly is the best place to catch a taxi, with the highest numbers available per person
  • For wheelchair accessible taxi services, Liverpool is the best UK city
  • You’ll struggle to find a taxi in Swansea, as this city comes bottom of the list

So, make sure your plans aren’t curtailed and that you can find the taxi transport solutions you need by using the above information.

Driving vs Taxiing in the UK: Which is the Best Option? was last modified: December 9th, 2016 by Paul Hadley