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Big Family Driving: Is The Toyota Prius+ Right For You?

Having a big family serves up many daily obstacles. However, there’s arguably no bigger dilemma than finding the right car to suit your special requirements. Choosing a people carrier is a decision born out of necessity, and it will restrict your options. But it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time behind the wheel.

We recently tested the 2016 Toyota Prius+ Icon. I guess the big question is whether it cuts the mustard. Let’s take a closer look.


Greener living is something that we’re all eager to do in 2016 and beyond. But as a big family, you’ve probably become accustomed to causing quite a large carbon footprint behind the wheel. Not any more, the Prius+ is the first seven-seater .

Toyota Prius Plus 1

For this reason, alone, it instantly stands out from the marketplace of larger vehicles. Just try to avoid using the Power mode unnecessarily, as this will shoot fuel consumption through the roof. This is obviously bad news for the environment and your pocket.

Driving The Toyota

Toyota is the biggest manufacturer for a reason, and enjoyable driving is at the heart of it. Don’t be fooled into thinking the Prius+ will rival the GT86 in terms of fun. However, the family vehicle is more than capable of tackling modern city life with smooth handling and a comfortable drive.

Toyota Prius Plus 3

Again the Power mode feature is there to provide the extra oomph. It can handle those long journeys, with a little persuasion. But it’s definitely better suited for city life. If this is what you plan to use it for, then you’ll be just fine.

Toyota Prius+ Size

As a big family, you know that size does matter. The Prius+ cabin is more than adequate in both the front and middle. The back is better suited for smaller children. So as long as you haven’t got five teenagers, you’ll be fine. If you have, this is probably the last of your worries anyway!

Toyota Prius Plus 2

It’s not all about the comfort, though. A large boot is very practical for the growing family too. If you’re worried about the size causing parking difficulties, will help you out.


A bigger car is going to come at a higher cost, but the Prius+ is quietly pleasing at around £27k for the brand new Icon. In comparison to other seven-seaters of similar performance, that seems more than fair.

Toyota Prius Plus 4

Alternatively, you could buy one of the older versions on the used marketplace. Using a reputable dealer like will ensure that you have a reliable motor that works as it should. Regardless of which option you take, the price is agreeable to say the least.

Safety – 5 Star

One of the most basic requirements of any seven-seater should be safety. With you and up to six passengers on board, you need to know that you are protected in the best way possible. As a rating shows, you won’t go far wrong with the Prius+.

Given that the other features are all positive too, this car has to be considered on your shortlist. It’s not the most enjoyable drive you’ll ever have, but no seven-seater will be. This Toyota model knows its place on the market and does it’s job extremely well. That’s all you can ask for.

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