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Be Prepared For Any Car Emergency

No matter what car you are driving and how careful you are there are times when the gods are simply not smiling on us. These are the days and nights when the wheel clampers are out. They are the times when some idiot decides to break a window to help himself to something you’ve left in the back seat. They are the times when someone else has decided to use your car as a battering ram in the car park. They are the bleak days when some unfamiliar noise or smell indicates that your trusty motor is going no further today thank you. It is the lorry that throws up a stone that decides to shatter your windshield.

Sadly for us, these days never happen in proximity to an operating garage in opening hours. They don’t often happen with any law enforcement around. You are on your own with a phone. These are are numbers you need.

Tyre Fitters

Mobile or not these guys are just plain handy. Many high spec cars carry those tiny wheels that look just a little silly. Their job, if you can get one on your car, is to get you to a garage. For that, you’ll need to be on the firm level ground, with an understanding of where the jack is. You will also need to locate the locking wheel nut. The spare wheel is designed to get you to the tyre place. It may well do, but a would be better.

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Windscreen and Window replacement

It might not have happened to you, but the chances are that it will. This applies to windscreens that shatter or side windows that get broken into. If your car is still there, you’ll need someone to help you clean up the mess and get it repaired. It is also nice to be told that it is not just you, and that it could have happened to anyone. is a pretty handy facility to have on hand.

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Breakdown Recovery

Hands up if you didn’t tick the small box at the bottom of your insurance application form to save a little money. If you have ever run out of fuel on a bleak moor or simply stalled for good at a busy intersection, then you will know by now how expensive it can be. You might just have bought a used car and be unfamiliar with its foibles. You need to find a garage that is open, get a tow and then get the problem fixed. Good breakdown recovery is a must. Period. They’ll come to you, sort the problem and get you to your destination wherever it is. Does it make sense? Do you need to ask?

Garage Relations

If you trust a garage and favour them with your services, you can build up a relationship. That’s good for you and good for your car. Maybe you’ll benefit from a loyalty scheme, and that is a saving. More than that you’ll be having your car serviced and repaired by someone who knows it. They will go the extra mile and makes helpful suggestions. They will, in short, look after you. When the moment comes, and it will, you’ll be able to call them and nothing will be too much trouble. You might even get to jump the queue. Loyalty pays.

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