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4 DIY Auto Repairs That Cost a Fortune to Ignore

You’re cruising down the road, and suddenly your vehicle’s check engine light comes on. It’s a common occurrence in automobiles, so you decide to just ignore it and continue your drive. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, your car starts showing signs of failure: loss of power, white smoke pluming from the exhaust and maybe even a blown head gasket.

What could have been done to prevent this issue?

When it comes to figuring out car troubles, even a discreet flashing light needs to be looked at right away before any more damage takes place. Let’s look at some DIY repairs that won’t cost a fortune and will help you avoid vehicle problems in the future.

Windshield Dings

Walking down the driveway towards your vehicle, you notice something on the windshield. After closer inspection, you become aware that something, maybe a rock, hit the glass and caused . It’s only a small ding, so maybe you don’t need to worry about it. But herein lies the problem.

A small crack in your windshield could eventually cause the whole thing to be ruined, spreading and obscuring your vision and creating a hazardous driving situation. But this can be remedied without having to replace the entire window.

After investigating the area of minor destruction, purchase (or maybe you already have this on hand) an epoxy or acrylic adhesive for the crack. A repair kit for windshields will put you back about 10 bucks, and you can find them anywhere from Walmart to Autozone.   

The process of might be in your future, but at least you’ve bought a bit of time before you have to dive into that step.

Engine Oil

Changing in your vehicle isn’t just about keeping that annoying light away, it’s mainly to make your car function properly. Ignoring engine oil, which happens often with inexperienced drivers, can really cause problems down the road.

Outside of wrecking it, running out of oil is one of the worst things you can inflict upon your car. The purpose of oil is to prevent engine components from grinding together and avoid heat buildup. Your engine could seize up if it goes for too long without this important substance, causing engine failure or worse – total car failure. You probably don’t want to have to purchase a new engine or another vehicle.

That being said, it’s incredibly easy to replenish oil or change out filters as well. Going to the store and purchasing needed items will most likely cost around $20, depending on your make and model, and how much you’re wanting to spend. All you need is your car manual and a few handy tools, and your in no time.

Fuel Line Leaks

Most cars have a metal line that runs the length of the vehicle with rubber fuel lines connecting at the other end, one at the fuel tank and the other to the engine. Symptoms of a cracked fuel line are smelling gas in your car or discovering a puddle of fuel on the ground beneath your automobile.

If you ignore this, remember that you’re putting yourself in danger of literally becoming a fire casualty. This puts you and your car’s lifespan at risk so it’s best to fix it quickly. It could set you back $40, depending on the fuel line itself and your vehicle. But thankfully, these are somewhat easy to do if you have some tools and car knowledge.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are needed to ignite the fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber of your automobile. If they become burnt up or damaged, they might refuse to fire at the right time. This might make your engine surge or hesitate, and could cause lost acceleration or power.

It’s best to replace spark plugs as soon as possible because they are detrimental to your vehicle’s functioning capabilities. If you own a four-cylinder car, changing them will take about an hour of your time and save you $100 in labour. Having to get a new converter or wasting more fuel isn’t your top priority, so fronting a couple hundred dollars for new plugs and wires will be worth it.

Whatever your car’s trouble, check it out rather than ignoring it. If you can fix it yourself, then there’s no reason to let your vehicle and you suffer!

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