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2018 Chevy Avalanche And The Speculations Around It

With more pickup trucks being equipped with modern day luxury and comfort aspects to meet the consumers’ needs, General Motors (GM) has reconsidered to bring back their Chevy Avalanche pickup trucks. General Motors has stopped manufacturing the Avalanche range of mid-size trucks, but the popularity and comeback of SUVs and mid-size trucks with other players in the market possibly made them consider for the return of Chevy Avalanche, but, with a new name.

The release dates are not known as GM hasn’t confirmed it yet. But, it is speculated somewhere around the first half of 2018.  The makers are possibly upgrading it with better features to beat the competition in the market and eliminate the reasons (weak performance leading to low sales) that forced them to discontinue Chevy Avalanche’s manufacturing, post-2013. went an extra mile to gather more detailed information about the latest features of this powerful beast. Here is a glimpse to it.

What’s The Update in Features?

The new make of Chevy Avalanche pickup truck is going to be equipped with features of newline Chevy SUVs and more functionality to beat the competition. It would be really awesome to experience an aerodynamic design incorporated into this mid-size truck. Speculations say that GM is going to launch this sleek machine with a new name ‘Silverado High Desert’.  It would sport a cover that can be mounted and un-mounted in three parts. A weatherproof versatile design to up the fan following. Its back portion would come with extra space around the side walls. There will be an adjustable cargo divider to manage space requirements and a secure lock feature for the cargo.

Front bumpers and headlights may render a new look to the Chevy Avalanche, by adding more muscle to its existing models. With a new rim design and couple of body lines would add more weight to this pickup truck from Chevy.

All new Drivetrain for 2018 Chevy Avalanche

The current Silverado line of vehicles run on 6.2-1 EcoTec V-8 (bigger) and 4.3-1 V-6 (smaller) engines, hence Avalanche may adopt the same or rely on a 5.3-1 V-8 drivetrain. Because of the high competition in the automobile industry, Chevy Avalanche needs to exert more power and better performance in order to sustain as a reliable pickup truck. The V-8 engine is expected to yield approximately 280 to 340 horsepower with 400 pounds of torque.

The engine will come with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Chevy’s new line of pickup trucks will have the RWD drive layout with an option for AWD as well. The smart truck, possibly, will feature a towing capacity of 8300 pounds. According to the speculations, if Chevy follows the Silverado line and opts for a light chassis, it will display 24 MGP of EPA on the highway, where usual Avalanche shows 22 MGP. The highest speed it can reach is said to be around 115 MPH.

Functional, Cozy, and Comfortable – Interiors of this Beast

Though there is no confirmed news about the interiors of the Chevy Avalanche, speculations say that it comes with 4 unique trims. The consumer/buyers can select any of the trims to customize the pickup truck to suit their taste. The updated version would come with 6-7 seating capacity just like its ancestors.

It is obvious that the basic features of its old edition would be there, what interests the buyers more is the new additional features such as bed monitoring camera, voice-activated navigation, and dual climate control. The features such as adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB ports, 8” touch-screen, display, lane guidance and lane keep assist, rear cross traffic alerts, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection are a welcome move by Chevy.

Moreover, the rumor mills are predicting their own dates, specs and features and the look of this pickup truck. But, the exact facts would be confirmed when General Motor unveil it to their buyers. Consumers can get test drives and confirm the features. Till now, there is no news regarding the cost of Chevrolet’s Avalanche.

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